At Onscreen Media, we are always looking to align ourselves with quality venues, such as Leisure Centres, Garden Centres or Theatres. Anywhere there is a high footfall of people, who would benefit from the information displayed on our network of screens

We employ an experienced team of qualified project managers, graphic designers and engineers to see you through the entire end-to-end process and continue to support you throughout our relationship. Naturally, we strive for new Customers all the time, but also realise the need to look after our existing ones too!

The system we offer is completely free, and consists of a large LCD screen, driven by a digital media player. This is used to provide your Clientele with a high impact, dynamic message about your facility. We design a bespoke commercial to inform people about what your venue offers. This can include seasonal promotions, or just the day to day information that will enhance the Customer experience.

Our solution is free because it's funded by sponsorship from a select number of local businesses from your community. These businesses will also appear on your screen, but you retain a 60% allowance on the total runtime for your venue. You can even restrict us from contacting certain business types you wouldn't wish us to contact.

In summary, we provide, install and maintain all equipment totally free. We design your commercial, also free......and you can even change your commercial up to 4 times per year.....again completely free.

If you think that your venue fits with this strategy, and would benefit, please get in touch.